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What is Analytical Exposition?

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 15 July 2013

Jenis teks analytical exposition itu sebenarnya masuk kategori karangan argumentative, makanya teks jenis ini berfungsi untuk  menunjukkan, memperkuat dan mempertahan pendapat atau opini pribadi penulis berdasarkan dengan bukti bukti yang dipunya. Karena sifatnya opini pribadi, analytical exposition sangat kental dengan subjective sense sehingga cara penulisan, pemilihan kata juga berbeda dengan teks-teks bahasa Inggris yang bersifat objective seperti descriptive, report, dan explanation text.
ciri-ciri analytical exposition text

Kumpulan contoh analytical exposition text ada dibawah post ini. Sebelum melihat contoh-contoh analytical exposition lebih baik baca dulu definisi dan penjelasanya. What is an analytical exposition? Selanjutnya baca "related post" untuk melihat kumpulan contoh analytical expositionnya

Definition of Analytical Exposition
Secara singkat definisi atau pengertian analytical Exposition is
A text that elaborates the writer‘s idea about the phenomenon surrounding. Its social function is to show the readers that the idea is the  important matter.
Generic Structure of Analytical Exposition
Susunan teks bahasa Inggris model ini adalah merujuka ke suatu tatanna bagaimana pendapat atau opini si penulis bisa di terimah oleh pembacanya, yaitu:

1. Thesis: Introducing the topic and indicating the writer’s position
2. Arguments: Explaining the arguments to support the writer’s position
3. Reiteration: Restating the writer’s position
Language Features of Analytical Exposition
Ciri ciri bahasa dalam teks model teks ini un sebenarnya hanya bersifat "umumnya" tidak harus setiap teks analytical exposition memakai semua element ciri berikut.

  1. Using relational process
  2. Using internal conjunction
  3. Using causal conjunction
  4. Using Simple Present Tense

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  2. Recognition and application of aspects of the report is essential and vital to write an analytical report.

  3. thank you so much for the information............

  4. this information very help me in my job... Thanks

  5. what is an analytical exposition text? Kumpulan Contoh Teks Analytical Exposition Lengkap Gratis. Contoh Beberapa Kumpulan Teks Analytical Exposition lengkap update Full Free 2011 Tugas

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  7. @all, who think they know everything, actually they know nothing. We just learn and learn. The more we practice the more we will get and that all about English. The big problem is we are accustomed with English itself, if it is that then we keep know nothing about this English.

  8. can you elaborate more on the difference between analytical exposition and hortatory exposition, please?

  9. @Ayu, Actually analytical and hortatory are derived from the same genres, Exposition. Exposition is an argumentative essay. It bring certain issue and supported by some argument. Exposition then divided into analytical and hortatory. What make different form each other is the last way how the writer finishes the essay. Analytical exposition will be ended with a conclusion or the rewritten thesis, while the hortatory exposition is completed with the writer's recommendation.
    I find good resource which explains clearly the difference between analytical exposition and hortatory exposition. Go to

  10. to get more understanding of what is an analytical exposition, study the following simple example of analytical exposition text

    I believe that you should always wear a hat at school when you are playing outside , to keep from getting sunburn .

    Firstly, if you don't wear a hat, you will get sunburn and a sunburn is painful.

    Secondly, sunburn could lead to skin cancer. Sunburn can lead to health problems later in life. Many older people suffer from skin cancer which can kill them.

    In my opinion all school students should wear hats.

  11. @admin
    i think it's a hortatory text...

  12. Analytical exposition and hortatory exposition are both derived from exposition genre. Both expos the argument to support the writer's state of mind. However the difference between hortatory and exposition is easily distinguished from the end of the text. How write completely close his text is determined whether it is hortatory or analytical exposition. If the text is ended with reiteration or the re-written of the early thesis, it is an analytical exposition. In the contrary, if the text is completely ended with certain recommendation, something should or should not be done, it is clearly a hortatory text

  13. Thnks for giving a explanation about the diffrent between hortatory exposition and analytical exposition..
    It's really help me in finish my Home work..

  14. thank you for the info, I need the name of the writer to make reference, may i?


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