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What is Procedure?

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 02 December 2007

Kumpulan contoh Procedure Text ada dibawah artickel definisi dari procedure text ini. Lihat related post, ada beberapa contoh text procedure sederhana yang mungkin Anda cari. Tapi sebelumnya, let's see what is a procedure text

Definition of Procedure Text
Procedure is a text that show a process in order. Its social function is to describe how something is completely done through a sequence of series

Generic Structure of Procedure Text
1. Goal: showing the purpose
2. Material: Telling the needed materials
3. Step 1to end: Describing the steps to achieve the purpose

Language Feature of Procedure Text
· Using temporal conjunction
· Using action verb
· Using imperative sentence
· Using Simple Present Tense

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