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a TAMM Creation - Review Text Sample

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 02 May 2008

The loved people will make us do everything. They have great impact on us. We will do anything for them. Luckily we have ability to catch the advantage of that "force", one example is a TAMM creation.

The site is built with the motivation to do everything for the kids and fortunately supported by the husband. After all, we find that this site is composed by a mother. Now she has and run her own business.

She loves writing as it is said in her previous pos 'freelance writing'. It is a great interest. Firstly it is just for fun but in the end she eagerly to write a book. At least by writing she has opportunity to share her idea, thought, and creation. She understands well that writing has strong power for socialization personally and profitably.

The site where she writes on is used to be a medium for her to run his business, selling handicraft creation. As everything had changed she focused on topic of kid and family. She has been a writer.

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