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Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 08 September 2009

Descriptive text is a text which describes a person, thing, place and certain condition in particular. According to, the example of descriptive text can be the appearance of a person, detail of location or requirement for employment. Commonly a descriptive text uses the first and third person pronoun as point of view.
The following example of descriptive text is best in describing the appearance of a marsupial mammal. What a marsupial mammal looks like is the clearest example of descriptive text. This marsupial description is taken from Jenny Eather's example of descriptive text.

What am I?
I inhabit a small area in south-western Western Australia. My species was quite widespread in Australia before European settlement but now we are endangered.
I prefer areas of open woodland. I forage for my food in the mornings and afternoons. At night I sleep in hollow logs or under fallen timber.
My body is about 25 centimeters long. My bushy tail is nearly as long as my body. I am covered in a reddish-brown coat with white stripes. My front legs are shorter then my back legs and I have small claws.
My ears are short but my snout is long I have a very long, sticky tongue for eating termites I can eat over 10000 termites in one day.
I am a marsupial mammal. What animal am I?

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  1. Lho ini kok descriptive text. Bukannya ini report. Jadi bingung nih ...

  2. The topic of the text seems to belong to a report text but the way it is presented is near to a descriptive text.
    Compare the above text about marsupial with the following passages about marsupial too. The following text is likely appropriate to be called as a report text. it is taken from

    Marsupials are commonly regarded as mammals that have pouches. A prime example is a Kangaroo and Wallaby. Marsupials typically have very short gestation times I believe some as low as 12-14 days.
    When the baby is born it is naturally very small but through instinct crawls up from mums birth canal and climbs into the pouch and attaches itself to mums nipple.
    It stays inside the pouch until it is fully developed from weeks to months depending on the species of marsupial. Mothers nurse their young for quite a while sometimes until the baby is as big as the mum.

    I hope it brings further understanding on a descriptive and a report text.

  3. Jadi sebenarnya itu report atau descriptive? Saya pikir I di situ pada judul "Who Am I?" tidak berbicara tentang one specific marsupial mammal. "I" di situ berbicara tentang atau mewakili marsupial mammals secara general.
    Dari cara mendiskripsikannya juga bukan descriptive karena saya tidak bisa membedakan antara marsupial mammal yang pengarang sedang bicarakan dengan marsupial mammal secara umum.
    Mohon pencerahan??? thanks

  4. Maaf maksud saya "What am I?". Oh ya salam kenal.

  5. ini report ap descriptive???


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