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Contoh / Example of Explanation Text about Bali Island

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 08 October 2009

Why is Bali Famous for Tourism Object?
One of the famous tourism spots in Indonesia is Bali island. Bali lays at the part east of Java. Thousand domestic and foreign tourists visit Bali each month. Do you know why Bali island is so famous?
A lot of tourists like fresh natural environment. If that what they want, Bali is the best choice to visit. Bali has beautiful landscape dominated with green luxurious terrace fields. Moreover Bali give fantastic view; beautiful sunrise in Sanur and fascinating sunset in Kuta beach.
Beside the beautiful beach and panorama, domestic and foreign tourists also enjoy the balinese local genius arts such as; dances, puras, and temples. Most of these objects are amazing.
Like many other tourism objects, Bali also provide souvenir center which they can take home. Most balinese people are artists. They spend their time to apply skill and imagination through painting, carving dancing.
What make them more exposed is that most of them are English speaking people. That is why Bali is well-known all over the wold.

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  1. there are a lot of grammatical errors --a

  2. Thank for the correction for grammatical error in this example of explanation text. Most of the grammatical errors are lack of final -s/-es. A final -s/-es is added to a simple present verb when the subject is a singular noun or the third person singular pronoun. The grammatical error in this example of explanation text about why Bali is famous is the absent of final s/es due to the a singular noun subject. For example; "Moreover Bali give fantastic view" should be "Moreover Bali GIVES fantastic view" etc. Again thank for dropping and remind me for the grammatical errors.


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