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Contoh Explanation Text tentang Venus Eclipse

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 24 May 2010

How Venus eclipse happens is best given to an example of explanation texts. Explanation text is compose to describe how something forms and why something exists and happens.
What is an explanation text and how is the explanation text composed? Explanation text is structured by the generic level of general statement and followed with sequenced explanation. To have clear understanding on the explanation text, let's see the following example of explanation text!

How Venus Eclipse Happens
On May 16, 2010, people in most regions in the world have seen a very rare natural phenomenon. It was Venus eclipse. It was very rare amazing natural event. It was reported that the Venus eclipse will seen again in the future in 2050. Do you know how this rare Venus eclipse happens?
Well, actually Venus eclipse is like Sun eclipse. Venus eclipses occurs when the position of the earth, moon and Venus is parallel. Venus planet will slowly disappear for a moment because it is covered the surface of the Moon. Venus planet seems to move to the back side of the Moon.
The moon and planets are sharing a similar apparent path in the sky. That is why, it is not unusual for the moon to appear to pass close to Venus. In fact, the moon appears somewhere near it about once a month. However, most people don’t see these events because they are visible in the evening sky only half the time, and then only for a short period after sunset. The apparent closeness varies from month to month as well.
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