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Short Conversation: Asking for and Giving Direction in English

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 20 March 2011

Reading short conversation will help us get understanding how some phrases and expression are practically used in communication. So today we going to talk about the short and simple dialog about asking and giving direction in English.

The dialogues bellow are describing on  how to ask for and give direction in English
Dialog 1
A. Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?
B. Yes. There's a bank on the corner.
A. Thank you.
B. You're welcome

Dialog 2
A. Excuse me. Is there a supermarket near here?
B. Yes. There's one near here.
A. How do I get there?
B. At the traffic lights, take the first left and go straight on. It's on the left.
A. Is it far?
B. Not really.
A. Thank you.
B. Don't mention it.

Itulah contoh dialog pendek tentang asking and giving direction in English. This short conversation is taken from:

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