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Expressing Annoyance and Anger

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 16 May 2011

How to express annoyance and anger in English? Here is a list of words and phrase used to express anger or displeased and annoyance:
* I’m very annoyed …
* Oh dear…/Oh No!
* What a nuisance!
* This really makes me cross/angry.
* It annoys me.
* It isn’t very nice/ pleasant.
* I really hate him!
* Oh, hell, No!
* Oh damn!
* Oh no, what’s next?
* She makes me mad.
* He really makes me see red.
* What an idiot!
* I can’t stand it anymore.
* I’m fed up with it.
* That’s the last straw.
* Why the hell didn’t he stop calling me..?
* I’ve had just about enough of this condition.
* This is extremely irritating
* I can’t say I’m at all pleased …
* I’m extremely displeased/angry/unhappy.
* I must say I reject to I will not pull up with
* I take great exception to …

This expression of annoyance and anger is summarized from Function in English by John Blundell, 1992: 50, taken from:

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