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Short Dialogues of Introducing Self and Others

Written By Self Learning on 05 August 2011 | 8/05/2011 09:06:00 AM

Perkenalan dalam bahasa Inggris menjadi materi dasar terumata kompetensi speaking. Perkenalan dalam bahasa Inggris ini biasanya meliputi 2 topik yaitu; introducing self dan introducing others. Mari kita liaht beberapa percakapan pendek berikut!

Dialogue 1
A: Hello. I'm Sasha.
B: Hi Sasha. I'm Brent. (hold out hand to shake)
A: Nice to meet you Brent. Where are you from?
B: Chicago, Illinois. And you?
A: I'm from Australia. I live in a small town near Sydney.
B: Australia. Wow. I've always wanted to go there. How long have you been in Canada?
A: I just arrived this week. It's my first day of school.
B: Really? I think you'll love Vancouver. It's not too hot and not too cold.

Dialogue 2
A: Hello. I'm Mia Conners.
B: Hi Mia. I'm David Sinclair, and this is my partner Gina Evans. (hold out hand to shake)
A: Nice to meet you Mr. Sinclair and Ms Evans. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.
B: It's our pleasure. And please, call us David and Gina. Can I take your coat?
A: Thank you.
B: No problem. Please take a seat and we'll be right with you. I just have to take make a quick phone call.

Dialogue 3
A: I don't think we've met. I'm Stacey. (hold out hand to shake)
B: Hi Stacey. I'm Carl.
A: Hi Carl. So, how do you know Jane?
B: Oh, Jane and I used to work together at a coffee shop.
A: Oh, you mean when you were working in Japan?
B: That's right. And how do you know her?
A: Actually, Jane is my cousin. Our moms are sisters.
B: No way! You two don't look anything alike.

This dialogs samples for introducing self and others is taken from: www.englishclub.com/speaking/greetings.htm

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