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Text Based Approach for Learning English in High School

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 06 January 2012

It's time to go to school again. After getting the holiday, day off in learning text genres, it's time to learn several kinds of text again.
Learning English for high school is designed with the concept of text-based approach. There are several kinds of text which are learnt by students of high school. The texts are learnt as the functional language for students' daily communication. Of course, learning English in high school does not forget to learn some grammar and structure, tenses, vocabularies, etc. However, these elements of English is not taught separately.
The texts which should be learnt by students of high school cover four fields of functional language. They are:
1. Procedural text. It includes procedure and explanation texts
2. Informational text. It has four varieties. They are descriptive text, report, news item, and review
3. Story text. This story text covers narrative text, spoof, and recount
4. Persuasive text. It includes analytical exposition, hortatory exposition, and discussion text.
The four main texts are learnt with other functional texts, such as, advertisement, invitation, announcement, banner, poster, and pamphlet. Well, now we are ready to learn text types again.

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  1. English learner7/1/12 8:13 AM

    From source I read, it is known that learning English through text-based approach was firstly applied in Australia. And I hear that the text-based approach was successful enough in that English speaking country. I wonder we will have the same result as, in Indonesia, English is just foreign language. hopefully we have enough effort to learn this global language for the reason of young generation to get participate in global interaction

  2. As know learning English through text based approach is being applied in some regions. Firstly it appeared in Australia.Because of the success of this method, text based is also used in singapore,Brunei, and of course, Indonesoa


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