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Panda: A Short Report Text

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 03 September 2012

Masih tentang contoh text report. Sekedar mengingatkan bahwa text report itu bertujuan menjelasakan, menderkripsikan suatu benda atau hal dalam kalsifikasi, kelas, elopok, group, spcies tertentu. Sebuah text report akan sangat mirip dengan text descriptive. However if we see to the participant, we will be able to identify whether it is a report or descriptive text. Namun jika kita melihat dari participats teksnya saja, sangat kelihatan apakah itu report atau descriptive.
Panda in Short Report Text
Contoh report text about panda
Have you known panda? How are pandas look like? Well,pandas are mammal. It means that pandas bear live babies. They  feed the babies on milk.

Panda is like bear. their bodies are typical. It has two dominant colors, white and black. Panda's fur is seen dominantly in white or snowy. While the legs, ears, eyes, and also the muzzle are covered with black fur.

Formerly, panda lived in South and East China. It was also found in part of Myanmar and Vietnam. Today, panda is seen a lot in forest area in Sinchuan, Gangsu, and Shaanxi of China

Panda looks cute however it is actually a wild animal. It is like a bear. Because it has strength, panda potentially becomes a frightful animal.

Itulah contoh report text tentang binatang. Panda report text photo: Panda by Oopsilon in flickr

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  1. this example of report text about panda is too short. how we can define the generic structure of report text in the above text. it should be a geat report text if it is given with generic structure.thank

  2. thx i know it too short but i need the text
    thank for your post it really help me


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