9 Contoh Descriptive Text Pendek Bahasa Inggris

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 12 March 2014

Descriptive text is one of the most powerful writing styles. Most of famous writing works feature a great skill in describing thing, people or situation. 9 Contoh text descriptive pendek ini mungkin bisa menunjukan apa dan bagaimana sebuah text descriptive itu ditulis. A descriptive text is a text which portrays the image of certain thing from which a writer wants to transfer it to the readers.

Mostly descriptive texts depict or describe in words the image of certain person, animal, thing, and location or place. Maka 9 contoh text descriptive pendek ini juga bertopik tentang penggambaran orang, binatang, benda, dan lokasi atau tempat. A descriptive text is organized with generic structure of IDENTIFICATION in the first paragraph to introduce what is exactly going to be described. After stating the identification, a descriptive text will show the DESCRIPTION of the object. Paragraphs of description may contain parts or physical characteristic, value or quality, usage or function. If you want to know more, read what is a descriptive text in my previous post. 9 contoh text descriptive pendek yang merujuk pada generic structure tersebut adalah:
ciri ciri decriptive text

Descriptive text about certain person 
My friend with her new shoes

Descriptive text about certain animal
Marsupial mammal
Descriptive text about cat

Descriptive text about certain thing
Borobudur Temple
Descriptive text "Taj Mahal"
The moon

Descriptive text about certain place
Jatim Park
Descriptive text "Jakarta"

Itulah 9 contoh descriptive text pendek bahasa Inggris. Hopefully the samples bring you wide and deep understanding of what is a descriptive text.  These 9 examples of descriptive texts are surely not fixed and final. They need to be revised and corrected to suit you need in learning English text types

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