Past Continuous Tense – Pengertian, Rumus & Contoh


Artikel sebelumnya tentang tenses bahasa inggris adalah past simple tense, sekarang kita lajutkan dengan pengertian, rumus dan contoh dari past continuous tense. Perlu diketahui bahawa tenses lampau ini punya keterkaitan dengan pelajaran narrative text dan juga recount text, dimana kedua text genres tersebut secara mendasar berfungsi untuk menceritakan hal atau peristiwa yang terjadi di waktu lampau.

Pengertian Past Continuous Tense
Generally, Past continuous tense is defined as a form of tense that is required for a past action in progress which is suddenly or unexpectedly interrupted by another past action (at that time). The result is that the action in progress is uncompleted (at least momentarily) because of the interruption itself. The emphasis of the past continuous tense is the duration of one past event or action that has a possible beginning and ending. What particularly stressed in past continuous tense is the midst of the event or the action in the past.  

Rumus Past Continuous Tense
Past continuous tense is made of subject of the sentence and added with the past form of auxiliary be (was, were) and the followed by the present participle or the –ing form of infinitive verb and then ended with the object of the sentence if there is any. The formula of the past continuous tense is illustrated below:

The Formula:
Subject + past form of Aux be (was, were) + Present Participle (V-ing) + Object
The example:
While we were crossing the bridge, we had a flat tire.

Fungsi, Contoh dan Penggunaan Past Continuous Tense
Dalam kalimat-kalimat bahasa Inggris, past continuous tense sering dijumpai pada situasi atau keadaan sepeti dibawah ini:
• For expressing an action over a period of past time. It expresses the idea that at a time in the past we were in the middle of something, for example:
At three o’clock in the morning, I was lying there wide awake.
The room was full of old people who were all watching television.
• The use of past continuous tense is usually to talk about an action going on over a whole period, for example:
I was traveling from February to December.
The rescue services were working all night
• Past continuous tense can happened of an action around a specific time such as the time of a day, for example:
It was raining at ten o’clock this morning
• Past continuous tense can also happen around another action, for example:
It was raining when I left the house to my work place
• Past continuous tense can be used for a temporary routine in the past, for example:
I was using the manager’s office while she was away taking his days off
• Past continuous tense can be used for a past arrangement, for example:
I was on my way to the club. I was meeting someone there.  
• Past continuous tense, when it is without a time expression can indicate gradual development, for example:
It was getting darker for the sun is setting in the west horizon.
• Past continuous tense can occur with two past action and both of them are in progress at that time, for example:
He was watching television while his wife was washing the dishes.

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