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Past Future Simple Tense – Pengertian, Rumus & Contoh

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 09 September 2013

Melanjutkan belajar tenses bahasa inggris seperti simple future tense pada artikel sebelumnya, sekarang kita lanjutkan pada pengertian dan rumus serta penggunaan contoh past future simple tense.

past future simple tense pengertian dan contoh kalimat
Pengertian Past Future Simple Tense
Past future simple tense is one kind of the tenses which is sometimes used to convey the meaning that an event or an action will happen in one point of future time in the past. The future event or action then is interrupted by another event or action in the past. This tenses usually come up on narration.

Rumus Past Future Simple Tense
Past future simple tense is made up of subject of the sentence and added with the past form of will/shall (would/should) and then followed by the infinitive form of a verb and then next is followed by the object of the sentence if there is any. The formula structure of the past future simple tense is picture in the following structure:
Subject + Would/Should + Infinitive verb+ Object
We would go to that area
Contoh dan Penggunaan Past Future Simple Tense
Setiap rumus kalimat bahasa inggris harus bias dipakai menjadi bebrapa kalimat, diantaranya kalimat positive, negative atupun interrogative. Penggunaan past future tense bias sebagaimana berikut:
The Formula (+): Subject + Would/Should + Infinitive verb+ Object
For Example:
"She would get the perfect score if she did not make that small mistake on her test"
To compose the negative form of past future simple tense is by putting the word ‘not’ between would/should and the infinitive verb, so that the formula illustrate below
The Formula (-): Subject + Would/Should +Not + Infinitive verb + Object
For example:
"He would not get the punishment if he obeyed his teacher’s command"
To make a question form out of past future simple tense is by moving the word would/should to the front of the sentence. The question words are sometime used to make a question form, then the question words is pun the very first place of the sentence
The Formula (?): (Question word) Would/Should + Subject + Infinitive verb + Object?
For example:
"Would she get the perfect score if she did not make that small mistake on her test?"
The time expression is sometimes required in helping to compose one kind of tense. No exception for the past future simple tense. The typical time expression usually come along with this kind of tense are yesterday, ago, this morning/evening, last night/week/month/year, a week ago, that day/afternoon, the other day/week, at seven o’clock, on Tuesday,  in 1990, just, recently, once, earlier, then, next, after that and so on
Past future simple tense can also be used to say an event or an action that happens repeatedly or have become a habit or become a routine in the past time. The using of the word ‘would’ in the sentence usually indicates that the speaker wants something to happen to him or her which is may or may not come true.
For example:
"You knew I would come to the public library every Sunday"
Belajar tenses bahasa inggris bagaimanapun juga akan sangat membantu dalam pemahaman ketika membaca teks-teks yang ditulis dalam bahasa inggris itu meski ada yang bilang bahwa tenses hanya akan menghambat proses belajar cepar bahasa Inggris

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