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Question Tag - Pembahasan dan Latihan soal

Posted by Memahami Teks Bahasa Inggris on 15 October 2013

Question tags adalah pertanyaan pendek diakhir setiap kalimat terutama sering dijumpai pada dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris. Ada banyak macam dan bentuk dari question tags ini namun secara umum rumus cara membuat question tags ini tidaklah sulit. Lihat tabel dibawah ini:

Pattern / Kondisi Contoh Kalimat
Jika kalimat utama berbentuk positif maka question tagnya adalah negatif
  • He’s a doctor, isn’t he?
  • You work in a bank, don’t you?

Jika kalimat utama berbentu negatif maka questionya adalah positif
  • You haven’t met him, have you?
  • She isn’t coming, is she?
Jika kalimat utama memakai auxiliary (kata bantu BE dan HAVE) maka question tagnya menggunaka kata BE dan HAVE juga
The question tag uses the same verb as the main part of the sentence. If this is an auxiliary verb (‘have’, ‘be’) then the question tag is made with the auxiliary verb.
  • They’ve written that letter for a few days, haven’t they?
  • They weren’t there, were they?
  • He had arranged it before, hadn’t he?
  • This isn’t benefit, is it?
Jika kalimat utama tidak menggunakan auxiliary verb alias menggunakan kata kerja murni maka question tagnya memakai bentuk modal (kata bantu DO atau DOES dan DID)
  • I did that, didn’t I?
  • You don’t remember me, do you?
  • She drinks coffee, doesn’t she?
Jika kalimat utama menggunakan modal verb (CAN, MAY, COULD, WILL, etc) maka questios tagnya menggunaka kta bantu yang sama
  • They couldn’t listen to me, could they?
  • You won’t speak to anyone, will you?
EXCEPTION: Jika kalimat utama menggunakan tobe "AM" maka quetion tanya menggunakan ARN'T
  • I’m the best, aren’t I?
Membuat question tags bahasa Inggris itu mudah, bukan? Nah untuk memastikan kita telah memahami apa dan bagamina cara membuat question tags dalam bahasa Inggris, sekarang kita lanjutkan pada latihan soal dibawah ini:
pembahasan question tags dan latihan soal

Soal 1
Question Tags Using Verbs ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’ (present tense)
Add an appropriate question tag to the end of each question.
1. I’m going to be late, ________________________
2. You eat meat, ________________________
3. I need to tell you my new address if I move, __________________
4. Rob’s sister is cooking tonight, ________________________
5. Mr and Mrs Rogers have paid for their tickets, _______________
6. I don’t have to finish my homework, ________________________
7. You’re not feeling well, ________________________
8. The computer’s broken, ________________________
9. Janet Cook has got two brothers, ________________________
10. Alev has just got back from Russia, ______________________
11. You live in Swan Street, ________________________
12. My car really needs a wash, ________________________
13. Tanya’s party is on Saturday night, ________________________
14. Alan Cole doesn’t like going to the cinema, __________________
15. I think the play has already started, ________________________
16. Your dad works in a bank, ________________________
17. We’re meeting them at 9.15 in the hotel lobby, _______________
18. Salma visits her mother in Aberdeen every other weekend, ______
19. You haven’t got change for a fiver, ________________________
20. You have read the report, ________________________
1. aren’t I?
2. don’t you?
3. don’t I?
4. isn’t she?
5. haven’t they?
6. do I?
7. are you?
8. isn’t it?
9. hasn’t she?
10. hasn’t he?
11. don’t you?
12. doesn’t it?
13. isn’t it?
14. does he?
15. hasn’t it?
16. doesn’t he?
17. aren’t we?
18. doesn’t she?
19. have you?
20. haven’t you?

Soal 2
Question Tags Using Verbs ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’ (present tense)
Add an appropriate question tag to the end of each question!

1. You’re not having an early lunch today, _______________________
2. Elisabeth usually gets the bus to college, ______________________
3. Jennifer Gold hasn’t got a job at the moment, __________________
4. I think Raul is right – we work well together, ___________________
5. Jo and Lori know that the time of the lesson has changed, _________
6. We haven’t finished cleaning yet, _________________________
7. I’m trying to tell you what happened, ________________________
8. Some of the employees are not very happy about the pay deal, _____
9. Ben isn’t coming to this meeting, _________________________
10. The introduction tells you what the book’s about, _______________
11. The hours have gone so quickly, _________________________
12. Most of the people said they enjoyed the film, _________________
13. He’s working as an engineer in the army, _____________________
14. Most shops are closed on Bank Holidays, ____________________
15. It hasn’t stopped raining since Sunday, _______________________
16. I’ve never been late for work since I started here, ______________
17. We don’t see each other very often nowadays, ________________
18. Sarah’s on holiday until next Monday, ______________________
19. Louisa and her brother have always been close, ______________
20. I’ve got an appointment with the doctor at 4.30 pm, _____________

1. are you?
2. doesn’t she?
3. has she?
4. don’t we?
5. don’t they?
6. have we?
7. aren’t I?
8. are they?
9. is he?
10. doesn’t it?
11. haven’t they?
12. didn’t they?
13. isn’t he?
14. aren’t they?
15. has it?
16. have I?
17. do we?
18. isn’t she?
19. haven’t they?
20. haven’t I?

Soal 3
Question Tags Using Verbs ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’ (past tense)
Add an appropriate question tag to the end of each question.

1. I wasn’t needed at the meeting, _________________________
2. No one was sitting here, _________________________
3. Michael Owen used to play for Liverpool, _____________________
4. I had better follow the doctor’s advice, _______________________
5. The desserts were really terrible, _________________________
6. That company went bankrupt in 1998, _______________________
7. I don’t think you’d followed the instructions carefully, ____________
8. It got cold last night, _________________________
9. I didn’t leave my umbrella here, _________________________
10. Eliza hadn’t wanted to get married, _________________________
11. I was telling you about my sister, _________________________
12. Charlotte wasn’t in a very good mood earlier on, ______________
13. The journey had been very difficult up to that point, ____________
14. We didn’t know that you were coming, _____________________
15. My cousin Joanne was meant to be arriving on Friday, __________
16. Laura went home half an hour ago, _________________________
17. By last Tuesday I hadn’t even received your order, _____________
18. I didn’t have to book in advance, _________________________
19. Jack had always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, ____________
20. I think Steven Spielberg directed Close Encounters, ___________
1. was I?
2. were they?
3. didn’t he?
4. hadn’t I?
5. weren’t they?
6. didn’t it?
7. had you?
8. didn’t it?
9. did I?
10. had she?
11. wasn’t I?
12. was she?
13. hadn’t it?
14. did we?
15. wasn’t she?
16. didn’t she?
17. had I?
18. did I?
19. hadn’t he?
20. didn’t he?

Soal 4
Question Tags Using Verbs ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’ (past tense)
Add an appropriate question tag to the end of each question.

1. You weren’t using this cup, _________________________
2. Alberto had never met his real mother before, __________________
3. Fran and Alex had been hoping for better weather, ______________
4. My niece sent you two invitations, _________________________
5. The last manager’s name was Sheila, ________________________
6. You did close the curtains in the living room, ___________________
7. We’d better hurry if we don’t want to be late, __________________
8. They said I should take two tablets after every meal, ____________
9. You weren’t going to park there, _________________________
10. The house was quite small, _________________________
11. Your friends had already seen that film, ______________________
12. Rachael had never known that I loved her, ___________________
13. Aaron wasn’t well yesterday, _________________________
14. We really told the manager what we thought of her, ____________
15. You’d arranged to stay for four nights, ______________________
16. We were always getting into trouble at school, ________________
17. You parked at the back of the building, _____________________
18. We were lucky we didn’t run out of petrol, __________________
19. Our house had only been on the market for a week, ___________
20. Those plants needed to be watered once a week, _____________
1. were you?
2. had he?
3. hadn’t they?
4. didn’t she?
5. wasn’t it?
6. didn’t you?
7. hadn’t we?
8. didn’t they?
9. were you?
10. wasn’t it?
11. hadn’t they?
12. had she?
13. was he?
14. didn’t we?
15. hadn’t you?
16. weren’t we?
17. didn’t you?
18. weren’t we?
19. hadn’t it?
20. didn’t they?

Soal 5
Question Tags Using Verbs ‘can’, ‘will’ and ‘must’
Add an appropriate question tag to the end of each question.

1. I can park here, _________________________
2. My bags can go in the boot, _________________________
3. The jar won’t open, _________________________
4. It must stop raining soon, _________________________
5. I must bring the money for the present on Monday, _____________
6. I’ll be there on Friday to help you, _________________________
7. Kate can’t stand spiders, _________________________
8. I won’t get a certificate unless I pass the exam, _________________
9. The electricians must tell us if they’re going to finish early, _________
10. Greta’s dad won’t let her have a computer, ___________________
11. I can’t apologise to my sister, _______________ She’s too annoyed.
12. Rob will regret having that tattoo done, ______________________
13. You must always phone the college if you’re going to be late, _____
14. Michel can do the cooking tonight, _________________________
15. You won’t forget it’s your dad’s birthday next week, ___________
16. Ginny must be really rich, __________________ Look at her car!
17. Athletes mustn’t take banned drugs, ______________________
18. Your DVD player can play CDs as well, __________________
19. You’ll need to take a coat with you tonight, ________________
20. My photos will be ready in an hour, _____________________
1. can’t I?
2. can’t they?
3. will it?
4. mustn’t it?
5. mustn’t I?
6. won’t I?
7. can she?
8. will I?
9. mustn’t they?
10. will he?
11. can I?
12. won’t he?
13. mustn’t you?
14. can’t he?
15. will you?
16. mustn’t she?
17. must they?
18. can’t it?
19. won’t you?
20. won’t they?

Soal 6
Question Tags Using Verbs ‘could’, ‘would’ and ‘should’
Add an appropriate question tag to the end of each question.

1. I could get a new job tomorrow if I wanted to, _________________
2. I shouldn’t have to put up with this stress, _____________________
3. Mohammad could come with us, _________________________
4. We wouldn’t be able to park here before 6pm, ________________
5. We should give more to charity, _________________________
6. Zoƫ would normally call us if she was going to be late, ___________
7. I wouldn’t take this job unless I had to, ______________________
8. If you don’t understand, you could always ask for help, _____
9. Emmerich could start the accounts on Wednesday, _____________
10. The pizza would cook better on the middle shelf, ______________
11. I shouldn’t worry so much, _________________________
12. If I got another official warning, I’d be fired, __________________
13. Rita should be here in about half an hour, ____________________
14. Lisa couldn’t play the piano very well, ______________________
15. Jamila wouldn’t have known the concert unless we’d told her, ___
16. Bob should eat more fruit and vegetables, ____________________
17. The Rolling Stones would be nothing without Charlie Watts, ______
18. You wouldn’t like living in Bradford, _______________________
19. Michelle and Joe would be upset if we missed their wedding, _____
20. The castle could be open to the public for at least nine months, ___
1. couldn’t I?
2. should I?
3. couldn’t he?
4. would we?
5. shouldn’t we?
6. wouldn’t she?
7. would I?
8. couldn’t you?
9. couldn’t he?
10. wouldn’t it?
11. should I?
12. wouldn’t I?
13. shouldn’t she?
14. could she?
15. would she?
16. shouldn’t he?
17. would they?
18. would you?
19. wouldn’t they?
20. couldn’t it?


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